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Scottish Live Events Network

The Scottish Live Events Network (SLEN) is a recently formed branch of BECTU operating as a part of the national Live Events Network Sub-Division. The branch has been set up to provide better representation for everyone who works in the live events industry in Scotland.

The branch intends to further the rights and opportunities of all people in the live events supply chain in Scotland, whether an employee, self-employed or a company director. This will be done through modern unionisation; working collaboratively with companies, venues and other industry bodies to effect real change for all involved in the industry. 

Formative History:

During the COVID-19 lockdown a working committee was formed to look into better levels of representation for people working in the live events supply chain in Scotland. After discussion with freelancers and business owners it was decided that forming a branch of BECTU would be the best way to get better representation at a national level for members. 

BECTU represents over 40,000 staff, contract and freelance workers in the media industries. After a number of meetings the committee decided that BECTU would be the best fit for SLEN as their experience in other parts of the events industry, along with established access to the government’s cultural and media departments, would enable us to make an immediate impact.

Home: Who We Are

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